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  • Lizard Lips, SPF 22, Lip Balm, Better Skin Store, Las Vegas

    Lizard Lips SPF 22 Lip Balm

    Lizard Lips SPF 22 Lip Balm $5.00

    Lizard Lips ® SPF 22 natural base lip balm is perfect for every adventure. Unlike most lip balms that just simply cover up your lips, Lizard Lips® protects against sun, wind & cold. Our petroleum-free formula hydrates & heals with Aloe, Comfrey, and Sage; and revives & relieves overexposed, stressed lips with Shea Butter, Sal Butter, Vitamin E & Grape Seed Oil. Don’t just cover up your lips – heal, moisturize and protect them with Lizard Lips®!

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